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John Crnokrak
  • Is your ultimate goal in life or in business to be successful?
  • Do you reach for the aspirin bottle at the first sign of change?
  • When you write down your vision of what you desire, do you see only a blank page?
  • Has fear become a barrier for you to move forward?
  • Research has shown that 80-90% of what we fear is baseless, where do you stand?
  • Are you questioning your abilities more than than ever?
  • Are you presently satisfied with your personal and career growth?

My name is John Crnokrak, pronounced (Sir-no-crack), and if you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I know exactly how you feel. As a matter of fact, every person you know has likely, at one point in his or her life, shouted “YES” to at least one of these questions.

If you allow me a small slice of your time, I will share some experiences, stories, lessons and tips that will provide you with ways to be more successful, techniques to help you manage change in your life, and easy methods to create, and keep, your desired life outcomes in sight. What are you presently doing about managing change?

“Pain is the forerunner to change…no pain no gain!”

If you choose to change, then make it a commitment to improve and move forward and be first, daring, and different in the process. When you make a positive commitment, you will experience a tremendous new you! Positive leaders are the ones who have the courage to go ‘first’ and open a path for others to follow. Where is the present path you are leading your team on?

As Julie Ridge, an endurance athlete who was the first to swim twice around Manhattan Island, once said, “it is necessary to completely shed the “old skin” before the new, brighter and stronger one can emerge.”

My life has been filled with change and excitement, and with each life event I’ve experienced, I felt invigorated, energized and refreshed. From my roots in Gary, Indiana to playing college basketball at Loyola University in Chicago. From being chosen to the college All-Star Team to tour nationwide against the Harlem Globetrotters to signing a professional contract to play with the Houston Oilers professional football team (now the Tennessee Titans). And from becoming a high school teacher and head basketball coach to pursuing a career in sales and marketing, I have experienced change, challenges, and pressures…just like you. And I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you.

“Comfort is the enemy of change.”

I am a positive-minded change agent who believes courage is the power to let go of the familiar, and comfort is the enemy of change. I believe by changing our thoughts, we can significantly change the things that are the catalysts which enhance our personal and career growth. In the process, we make a positive effect on all those with whom we work, and with those we love. (Crnoisms).

Over the years, I have become a “turnaround catalyst” for large and small businesses throughout the United States. I have received many top sales and manager/leader-of-the-year awards for continually exceeding goals, and for grooming extraordinary teams and future leaders. For more than three decades, I have worked in personal sales, sales management and sales training. This fascinating life I’ve led has driven me to document and share my philosophy of being “first, daring and different”.

“How to inspect what we expect”

When your goal in life or business career is to succeed, then you must cultivate and focus on developing your own personal strengths.The services I provide, and the information I will share with you, will help you understand ongoing personal development, apply leadership skills to everyday tasks, and introduce you to the importance of “how to inspect what we expect” in our lives and in our career endeavors. In the process, I will share my life-long learning philosophies for day-to-day management of activities, both personal and corporate, ranging from small entrepreneurial enterprises to the large Fortune 500 companies.

“We must find our own success in life.”

I believe we all must live our life with a purpose. Purpose is having a target. It is aiming at something, being different, and meeting a goal. Having a purpose means contributing to your life every day, and having a firm intention for a meaningful objective. Naturally, we must find our own success in life. Even so, as we lead others to go beyond their own personal and career goals, we must also think not only of collecting a multitude of successes, but also we must think in terms of our intention to help others discover their own purpose. In the process, everyone will have the opportunity to achieve their objectives and successes. TO  BE SIGNIFICANT WE NEED TO HELP OTHERS TO BE SUCCESSFUL! So are you doing your part?

“Write down what you want…then do it!”

Upon request, I will assist you and/or your team in finding a vision of what you desire, and guide you through a journey to create it. Don’t short-change your vision because you are apprehensive or even afraid to seek out assistance and coaching. If you feel your vision is faulty, so too will be your emotions out of sync.

Write down what you really want, both personally and professionally. Note a timeframe by which you hope to get what you want. Make a list of who will help you. If you do this, you are on your way to a positive self-development program. I often say, “The palest ink is better than the best memory.” Write down what you want…then do it!


I offer my services to you in many ways, the most convenient of which is through my books, How to be FIRST, DARING & DIFFERENT or BE THE LEADER OF THE PACK. Through these books, you will be challenged to reflect upon yourself. These books provide you with 33 easy-to-apply ways to achieve professional and personal leadership skills for success. My newest book due out January 15, 2016 BEYOND AMBITION also,shares the details for life-long learning and improvement. You will find a collection of my favorite sayings I’ve shared with staff, management and clients throughout my life. You will find these maxims will foster ongoing communication and personal growth.

I also can share my passion, philosophies and lessons learned with you through an onsite session. Please contact me for further information on such face-to-face possibilities. Thank you for your visit to my web site. I sincerely hope you found my information rewarding and useful. I look forward to assisting you and your team in the future.

I wish you continued success and lives very best.If you are interested in ordering my books, please go on-line to;  all three are on Kindle. My newest book is Beyond Ambition…has many positive ideas and experiences that will assist you. Also, you can contact me by email at:


Best wishes, be safe and be well.
John Crnokrak