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Questions a Leader Should Ask Themselves

CRNO’s BLOG …Saturday, March 7, 2015

How well do you the leader think your team is performing presently in terms of how well they work together? What are your present thoughts on how well everyone works together? Are you asking those you lead if they need anything from you to help “remove roadblocks” (real or perceived) that may be preventing them from getting their job done?

Presently are you the leader at peace with your own imperfections? How have or will you acknowledge your perfections? How have or will you compensate for your imperfections? How have or will you approach diminishing, as well as overcoming your imperfections? How can those you lead, on your team help?

Have any of your responsibilities changed recently, and if so why? What new things do you need to learn or must learn? How will they affect your team? What if any ‘old’ practices need to be changed, and how will you address them? How do you personally and as a team “view the value” you provide to each other; and eventually to the other internal and external customers? Are those receiving the value ‘totally’ aware of the value? Are there possibly times when you and your team may be “equating” activity with efficiency? Is Parkinson’s Law taking place in some areas of your department?

Keep in mind, everyone’s needs and values are different. Thus, we all need to get below the “waterline” to understand what makes us tick. When we grasp what makes us tick, only then can we understand and accept them. We all want to strive as best we can to be a “whole person” in both our personal and career lives. To accomplish this objective, it is up to us.

Remember, we cannot “motivate” another person, we can only “influence” them. Motivation comes from within the individual. Motivation I believe, is initiated by the “conscious or unconscious” awareness and recognition we face of an unsatisfied need. I have learn there are three components of “motivation” for us to think about: * Direction-what we are trying to do. * Effort-how hard we are trying to do it. *Persistence-how long we keep trying to achieve our objective.

Let me remind you of what Shakespeare said: “THE READINESS IS ALL”… I believe this is so true. We all need to see ourselves in everyone we encounter; even those we dislike. They too, want to be cared about. How do you view others? Sadly I feel, too many people today do not want “honest” answers, meaning honest (unpleasant or disturbing input). Most want a soft answer that “deflect” any anxiety or emotions that create negativity in their minds.

So ask yourself, could you at times be too cautious about change, creating paradigm paralysis to accept change of your present beliefs? Maybe it is time to start thinking even more about removing “emotional barriers” that exist within your thinking and too, in those you lead to sustain needed performance objections.

Good luck as you pursue your “reach objectives” keep in mind in the process, the secret to happiness and freedom from any real or perceived barriers is, the secret of freedom which is to always have the courage to take action! Be well, safe and successful.

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