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How Do You Handle Fear? June 15, 2015

Everyone today knows and feel fear.I’n not addressing the fear of terrorist attacks, but fear in all its many variations. Many people will tell you, “fear” is ones constant partner, a daily nemesis and to many people a continual and at times ultimate challenge.

In my coaching of executives i continually experience that fear fuels their negative and judgmental thoughts; and their need to control things. Fear underlies shame and guilt as well as anger. Each difficult emotion we face represents some sort of threat; whether to our self-esteem or to the strength and stability of a relationship (professional or personal). Also,threat translates to many fear!

Although fear is a major influence in everyone’s life, it is NOT always negative. I have personally found fear many times to be a positive mechanism aspect in my life to give me added incentives, especially when I was an athlete. There are plenty of times fear can be magic for some people; it has been for me.

Sometimes fear is definitely part of a problem and sometimes fear is the problem. And I have found fear to be many times for me part of the solution. Fear is part of our DNA I have been told, and it too is a built in  alarm system. It is there to usually get our attention or lead us in one direction or another, usually out of having to face a crisis situation.

There are some basic steps for us to transform our relationship with fear: FACE IT-EXPLORE IT-ACCEPT IT AND RESPOND TO IT. ¬†When we face fear, we eliminate the barriers from any negative thoughts that create us to hid or not face reality. Exploring it means we turn and walk toward a contentious situation and fearing anything. Accepting it, is contrary to misconception. It doesn’t mean we agree with the fear of that we like it. Responding too neurotic fears is what it is all about. But our ability to change our responses is the foundation of the first three steps.

I can’t remember who said this, but it is so true: “To conquer fear is the start of wisdom.” Goods luck, I enjoyed sharing this with you. John



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