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Are You Possibly Masquerading Now In Life?

In my continued role as an executive coach I meet people who I feel are waiting until the ‘closing portion’ of their career paths or life realizing it was a masquerade. Have you been fortunate enough to “drop your mask” and address the issues you face?

Are you ready to believe more in yourself and look within to believe you can make a difference and make a change; and making an even more positive change in the dynamics in your career and life?

As a leader, are you willing to create a ‘difference’ between the “traditional manager” and the professional who is a “true leader” in a people driven culture organization?

Leaders committed to differentiating themselves from the rest have a vision/goal, to become focused more on “measuring” the development of those they lead. This is accomplished through individual and team coaching. How are you measuring your team development?

The reality of our success is; we have to give our “attention to our intentions.” Are your intentions to be open, sincere, and provide honest dialogue for the future with your team members? Only you know and can make that happen!

Never forget; those we lead represent an opportunity to inspire, not a burden to carry. So,what we do will have a direct impact on how we feel about ourselves. What are you doing presently?

The quality of any leader cannot be judged by the “answers” they provide, but the “questions” they ask.¬†Good luck, John

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