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Leadership is a Privilege—Leading others is a privilege with great responsibilities.

Those of you leading a team today and embraced the opportunity and challenge should appreciate the impact being significant within your company! But be certain to keep in mind, the responsibility expands beyond the walls of your company.

How do you think those you lead would feel if they knew their leader felt it was a privilege to lead them? How different would their interactions be with you the manager/leader? How would this impact your contribution to the team, department and the company? How would this influence you the leader to do your best work and maximize your potential?

Hopefully those of you reading this blog will think about these words presented today in this memo of leading being a privilege, and in the process grasp that being a leader is more than a job or a multiplicity of mundane tasks. If you believe it is a privilege to be a leader, then you should be striving to “inspire, involve and reward people in positive and productive ways.

Leading others is certainly “more than a job”it is an opportunity to leave a legacy that cannot easily be forgotten. That to me is a real privilege! Good luck, and keep leading with a passion! ┬áJohn

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