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How to be



To really have or make a change; we must question ourselves. Ask questions like: * Are you weatherproofing too much? * Are those you lead a team; or are they a group of rivals?

A successful team needs three (3) things: Leadership from all levels and all directions…Personal motivation and empowered employees on all levels and all directions, being accountable. Striving to satisfy “internal and external customers” through ongoing collaboration and understanding of each others expectations.

Today in these times I believe “We must change the way we change.” Life has no limitations; only the ones we make for ourselves! Are you striving to maintain an “action oriented” environment that focuses on ‘results’ through ‘measurable’ objectives?

We humans act out of “self-interests” so as a leader how are you striving to “link” individual and organizations goals? How aware are you that those you lead “take on the attitude and emotion” of you? How careful are you of what you project daily?

In closing, keep in mind; “to change and change for the better” are two different things. How do you introduce change into your culture? How effective is your style? Are you aware that ‘hearing” just happens; “listening” is a choice?

So as a leader are you possibly allowing ‘complacency to hinder your vision and thinking? Never forget, “if we change our questions we will change the experience.” Last, are you truly prepared to “care about caring” for all those you lead? Enough for today…

Good luck, John



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