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Successful Business Owners and Leaders Focus on Self-Improvement

The most successful business owners and CEO’s I’m convinced, never stop learning! In fact,every challenge, every setback and every barrier ( whether real or perceived) and experience should be viewed as a learning experience. We all must keep in mind, we are engaged in a lifelong pursuit of self-improvement. My philosophy is; “learn, unlearn and relearn” every day of our life.

Just think about it, this is an approach we can benefit from as well. In today’s highly competitive business arena, it is essential to keep finding and implementing ways to keep improving your business and gaining a competitive advantage. As the owner, or CEO of any business, this is one of a leader’s most important responsibilities. never forget the importance of one of your main objectives “bringing out the best in others” is a great formula for success.

Here is an idea to start evaluating, and taking steps you know have the greatest margin for improvement to start raising the bar on your personal performance and those associates you lead. In fact, when those you lead observe you striving to enhance your abilities, it becomes one of most important responsibilities starting at the top; for your team of professionals to keep aiming higher as well.

* Start serving your internal and external customers and identify the three biggest gripes both have about your business and company. you might really be surprised both in a positive and negative way. But by not contacting and talking with your external and more importantly are internal customers you’ll never know what needs to be enhanced.

* Start to evaluate your management agenda, and what is causing you to run your agendas based on habit. This particular habit dictates a familiar pattern when you work, who you talk to, and the priorities you establish in dispatching your responsibilities. Although this routine may give you a sense of comfort never forget your personal world and everything around you keep changing, for both you and those you lead.

* Start to commit yourself to improving your lowest competency/skill set. No doubt you have surrounded yourself with very bright individuals, but never forget you can only gain by having a high level of personal knowledge and experience as an owner and top executive.

* When was the last time you personally contacted every major customer you failed to do business with in the last year to two? Take the time and strategy to seek to determine whether the relationship is, unglued and if so why. In the process use the insights gained to identify trends that demand management attention and in the process, try to convince the former customer to give your business another opportunity; even if it’s in the area of a contingency plan to move forward.

* When was the last time you made it a must do, to at least think of one employee you believe has untapped potential and empower that person to rise to a new level in the company? You can start by asking yourself how the worker could tackle a problem creatively or employ an innovative approach to seizing a business opportunity; or solving a present and challenging issue. Take the time to surprise yourself and discover you just may have some diamonds in the rough with great ideas that will help you and the company achieve your present and future goals.

Keep in mind, in business, the easiest thing to do is to maintain the status-quo, relying on past success to guarantee the future. In my opinion that kind of thinking does not allow future success and for the “lead dog”and to hunt! However in a period of rapid change, that can be a prescription for disaster, threatening a company’s ability to grow, prosper and even survive in the year years ahead.

Happy New Year—-John Crnokrak




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