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First and foremost Happy New Year to my readers. I am in one of those moods where I feel like sharing some of my personal thoughts and philosophies on life. Recently I had a situation with a client where they were frustrated, stressed out and not pleased with their present position both in their career and personal life.

In any event, I’m certainly not a psychologist, but I reminded this individual that we all have the “power of choices”and each of us has the power to make choices that will enable us to live in a calm, cool, productive and healthy manner; at least most of the time.

We have the power of choice to decide what task to accept whom to associate with, and how many hours to work etc. We all have the ability to strive to attain valuable assets, such as patience. When we acquire patience we will vastly improve our decision-making effectiveness by learning to suspend judgment.

In the process, we have a choice to back off immediately and take a detached stance. It’s important we listen and gather more information in a relaxed state in order to process properly and make a good decision. But really it’s important we learn what the other person’s point of view is, and assumed it has merit even if it differs from our own values.

It’s time we all stop to evaluate how we are striving to educate and develop ourselves to grow, develop and enhance our value to the organization we work in daily. Never forget, “education opens up opportunities” and “knowledge provides skills” something many either don’t realize or forget to think about.

I feel that for the believer there is no question, for the non-believer there is no answer! Also, pain is inevitable, but never forget, suffering is optional! And yet so many times we allow ourselves to forget the important things as mentioned in the last two sentences; and in the process frustrate ourselves.

For those of you who are committed to personal growth and success in both your career path and life I challenge you to answer the following questions:

* How do you know and evaluate your climb on the’rung’ up the ladder of success?
* How do you get results from people you have no control over to meet your personal success objectives?
* How do you strive to continue with your leadership development?
* How good are you at delegating as a leader?
* Do you know how to say no and not feel guilty?
* How are you interacting and assisting those you lead in developing their skills?
* As a leader, how do you bring people together to establish a common approach to a problem?
* Do do silos exist within your department or organization?
* Last and so important— Would you work for you???

That last question should get you thinking! So as you strive forward in the New Year, make a commitment to yourself to: “BE SIGNIFICANT AND HELP OTHERS BE SUCCESSFUL!” HAPPY NEW YEAR —John

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