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How do you view change? I believe change begins with awareness. We all need to identify the truth about ourselves. And in the process strive to expose the beliefs we continue to believe so strongly in. Also in the process we need to define the barriers that keep us from change; and list the benefits we with derive by leaving those barriers along with the negative beliefs and lies we tell ourselves.

When was the last time you asked yourself; ” are you being honest and putting all the issues you face daily or feel on the table?” It is always best to make right choices while we are still feeling any pain, fear or sorrow. Also how have you been or will you find a balance to take action if you continued to focus on threats and do not have the ability to move beyond any real or perceived barriers?

When I was in college many years ago, a Jesuit priest told me, “there’s a great disparity between what we know about ourselves and what we know about others.” In addressing change and making the proper choice delivering a solution, it usually comes from and through a different state of mine… “consciousness.” How many times have you questioned your durability of having an opinion because you feel uncomfortable? How have you worked through and eliminated any; indecisiveness, skepticism, indifference and confusion?

Now, ask yourself; how do you seek understanding? Also, how do you keep relevant information in your mind? Do you understand fear is emotion? How do you view yourself: are you an energized person or a potential drainer type person? These are the type questions I asked individuals I am fortunate enough to coach in my business as an executive coach. When you are challenged, do you ask yourself this question: what do I need to resolve this challenge/issue that I am facing? Also. to ask what are the next best steps I need to take?

Too many times people focus on threats and in the process it creates more issues in one’s thinking more clearly and making the right choice. We all have the ability to influence ourselves to become motivated. Influence as I view it, is the power to produce the desired results and in the process have an impact in a certain way that ends up beneficial.

It’s essential to keep in mind, there are two primary choices in life; to accept conditions as they exist or accept responsibility for changing them. We are always “one choice” away from changing our situation in life! If you step back and take time to think about this, you’ll find that our lives today are what our choices have made it. However, with new choices we can change direction this very moment!

I can’t remember who said it but it’s so true: “Life is change. Growth is optional!” By accepting that statement, you have the opportunity to ask yourself am I choosing to make a more meaningful and positive difference in my life? We are all leaders, and as a leader we need to keep in mind; sometimes one single choice not only changes the direction of our lives, but that too, many others.

So in closing I leave you with this thought” “It is choice, not change, that determines our destiny.” Good luck and best wishes to each of you who have taken time to read this blog. I wish you much success in each and every one of your career endeavors. Cordially, John Crnokrak

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