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In coaching executives, I remind them continually, everyone “sees” from their own unique perspective, and it is naturally bound to be different from yours. In fact, I’m confident the majority of you reading this blog would agree; we all want to be fulfilled, satisfied and happy in our career role and life.

If we take a moment to think about this last statement mentioned, I think you also may agree people change to gain pleasure. They change to avoid pain! Living and working in different environments cause some people to think and act differently. Why you may ask? Because their experiences, and hence their perception of reality is different.

Think about this statement; No matter how illogical, strange or irrational some behaviors appear to the observer, it usually makes sense to the person exhibiting it. And interestingly enough, it is at that moment, fulfilling to them. So before you react to anything you feel strange, think first about how you will react and respond to the behavior.

I’ve come to the conclusion true understanding comes primarily from experience. A decided course of action is appreciated by those who assist in its formulation. Leaders today in any organization must make peace with reality and realize this. A good leader must be able to influence and even fire up those he or she leads. Motivation for these people comes from within. People can only motivate themselves, the leader can help through being very influential.

On another thought, feelings and emotions are often far more powerful than rational judgment. Needless to say, I have seen much of this behavior throughout my own career and now in the coaching of executives.In fact, true cooperation is possible only in a win-win situation. The benefits and rewards must be appreciated and of course attainable by all.

There are many various methods used to garner cooperation, and in fact may even be more significant than the cooperation itself. Feelings and attitudes change when people convinced themselves that change is beneficial to them; not before. How are you leading change?

The best perspective from which to understand the perceptions, attitudes and behavior of those you lead, is from each person’s internal flame of reference. Never forget, employees represent an opportunity to inspire, not a burden to carry. Also, words may inspire, but only action creates change. How are you, the leader, discussing and managing actions that lead to the needed change?

In closing, let me say, leadership is not a license to do less. Leadership is a responsibly to do more; not to mention a privilege. However, each of you reading this blog and hopefully evaluating your leadership style, what are your initial thoughts? I learned long ago, the future is only scary if we try to avoid it. What, if anything, are you trying to avoid daily?

So never forget, communication is not about saying what we think. It’s about ensuring others hear what we mean. How would you grade yourself here? Enough for this session, best wishes to all who are reading my blogs, and may you and your families have a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday.May the new year be filled with joy and success. John

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