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Be the Leader of the Pack
How to be First, Daring & Different
Beyond Ambition, Memiors of A Kid from Gary, Indiana

To order Be the Leader of the Pack or How to be First, Daring and Different, please  go on line to Amazon: both books now have a “Second Edition”  Also, my third book Beyond Ambition is now available on Kindle…just click here to send me an e-mail; or call 608-273-0360. Thank you and continued success to you.

As we pursue our career paths, it is essential to keep in mind...THE ROAD TO SUCCESS IS ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

The way we manage the process through each challenge, detour, and roadblock will determine how quickly and successfully we reach our destination and goal objective. Keep in mind what Maxwell Maltz said, “Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment.”

Ask yourself this question: Do you build the necessary capacity to sustain high performance results both as a individual and leader in the face of increasing demand?

Our objective in life, should be to “perform in the storm” of life! Are you as the leader “defining the purpose” of the expected change? A crucial part of following up is setting objectives!

So moving forward, put some real effort and purpose into your life and success, and significance will follow…John