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Crnoisms & Principles

Crnoisms and Principles

  • Evaluate carefully every detail of your business.
  • We only “get answers” to questions we ask. Development feedback is the course to corrections.
  • As a leader you must confront nonperformance, but do it in a way that creates commitment, rather than grudging compliance or outright resistance.
  • Never miss the opportunities to reinforce those people you lead who are doing exactly what you wanted them to do.
  • Be efficient and on time; lead by example.
  • Be careful not to coach a subordinate when frustrated or angry, because it may make you feel better.
  • Take time to listen to all the various alternatives, and then decide immediately.
  • Be daring to take action and go forward leading the way.
  • Handle your challenges patiently and intelligently.
  • Hold your values and integrity in the forefront.
  • Never misrepresent the truth in business or personal matters.
  • Don’t waste time. Instead, use it to your advantage. Ask yourself, “Is what I am doing right now the most important thing I should be doing?”
  • Don’t gamble on chance ask yourself more questions.
  • Be professional and polite to all you meet.
  • Have a clear sense of destination and be flexible in the route you take.
  • Be the leader you wished you had.
  • Always remember it is “easy” to accomplish a goal when you want it bad enough.
  • Keep in mind continually, “the road to success” is always under construction.

Always keep in mind: when you are dealing with internal or external customer expectations, it is wise to under promise and over perform rather than to over promise and under perform.


Setting expectations too high can cause dissatisfaction if and when we can not deliver.


As a leader and a “doer” keep in mind people will watch what a leader is doing, NOT what he or she is saying! 


The following words from Machiavelli have inspired me through even the most challenging of times.

“There is nothing more difficult
to take in hand,
More perilous to conduct,
Or more certain in success,
Than to take the lead in the
Introduction of a new order of things
Because the innovator has for
Enemies all those who have done well
Under the old conditions,
And only lukewarm defenders
In those who may do well
Under the new.”

— Machiavelli, “The PRINCE”


As excerpted from my book, “How to be First, Daring and Different: 33 Ways to Achieve Personal and Professional Success”

  • Objection is the path to opportunity.
  • Challenge yourself within to achieve greater heights.
  • Being happy lies in our power to provide happiness to others.
  • Feeling good about yourself is not a luxury, but a necessity to succeed in all you do.
  • The road to success is always under construction, it all depends on how you manage the route.
  • Confidence is available to us 24 hours a day and doesn’t cost us a penny.

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