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The sad news is I rarely schedule seminars for the general public. The great news is I always can find time for YOU, your company, your organization, or any group you feel would benefit from my principles and presentations.

I’ve worked in education, manufacturing and distributor sales for over four decades. What I’ve found is I can teach and lead others to higher achievement. It’s been my pleasure to turn sales forces and sales figures around everywhere I’ve been given the opportunity to share my techniques and passion.

As a business executive coach, consultant, trainer and inspirational speaker, I can provide to you and your company with the tools to implement highly effective programs in sales, customer service, marketing and distribution and team building. My sessions are hands-on, and I guarantee you will come away with an enhanced focus along with tools you can immediately apply for your personal and professional growth.

Let’s discuss how I can help you take your first steps to becoming First, Daring and Different. Like so many others, I believe you will find many of your goals and triumphs are within your reach.

Typical program subjects include:

  • Listening and Communications – keys to developing trust and earning future business
  • Understanding Personality Styles – discovering the customer’s real needs by understanding their behavioral style
  • Active Listening; how to earn people’s trust
  • Leadership knowing how to take responsibility and lead by example
  • How to Master the Art of Selling – skills that support you for a lifetime through career development
  • It all begins with attitude – being mentally prepared for success; strive to have an attitude of gratitude
  • Characteristics of a Leader – learning how to lead and make a difference
  • Whatever a leader does for others has a direct impact on how they feel about themselves
  • How the Winner Masters Luck
  • No leader has ever had the perfect team
  • Mistakes as Opportunities in Disguise – the rocky road to customer loyalty
  • Value-Added Selling – the “extra” that makes the sale every time
  • Leadership by Example – how to “walk your talk,” so others follow
  • Letting Competition Work for You – turning their weaknesses to your advantage
  • Dealing properly with any real or perceived discouragement
  • How to face the problem at the first opportunity
  • When job progress slows down, check your lines of communication
  • How to create opportunities for you tam to shine
  • Coaching your team isn’t an addition to your role as manager/leader, it’s an integral part of it

Executive and Individual Coaching

  • If you are interested in mastering your people skills and advance in your job field…
  • If you want to enhance and better manage your career path…
  • If your are possibly masquerading and lost in your career path, move forward to remove the mask…
  • If you want to receive direct, honest, and constructive insights…
  • If you seek a specific focus on how to better communicate your ideas, how to build your team, and how to handle conflict…
  • Learn how to focus on having the right perspective…

Then you are ready to experience the excitement and enjoy the benefits of personal coaching. You see, coaching generates action items. It helps determine specific goals that allow you to focus on great results.

Coaching is not just for athletes, as many might believe. Coaching involves in-depth questions, sharing, brainstorming and asking “what-if and status” questions. This method leads you to a thoughtful, honest review of your current choices. Coaching helps you make informed decisions. And making informed decisions allows you to make good, solid changes that will move your success forward. A Special Offer for You! I’d like to do something for you right now. Your financial investment would be extremely low (the price of a nice meal for two). Along with the rewards you could reap from this quick-start service could be phenomenal. Let me explain…

One of the first things you can do to begin paving the road to your success is to create a solid, workable plan. Let me assume you have a vision for yourself, a destination that you wish to reach, but you are unsure how to arrive safely and successfully. Here’s where I can help.If you e-mail me the details of your present situation, your goals, your previous successes and difficulties, I can help you create, and coach you through, your initial goal plan. This plan will help you:

  • take action and begin to realize the benefits of your efforts
  • decide what steps to approach first, and which ones could be handled later
  • see your destination from an action-based position, and allow you to take control f your success

For one hour we will work together, online, so you can begin to reach your goals today! As you have often heard, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” I’d like to help you take that first step now. Here’s what you will receive for only $75.00 during our hour session:

  • I’ll overview of your current situation.
  • I’ll give you a broad overview of how to develop a plan to succeed,whether it be within your personal or business endeavors.
  • I’ll work with you to develop an initial plan designed just for you, by you, with my help and coaching.
  • After our hour session is completed, you’ll have the opportunity to evaluate your initial plan to determine how you would like to proceed. As an established customer, I will consider you among my high priority work and will offer to you my services and knowledge at that level of dedication. Please note that this quick-start pricing is only for our initial hour online session. Additional work will be performed at my regular consulting fee.

I am available and eager to work with your team, or just you, to meet your executive or personal coaching needs. Please just follow the link below to contact me, and we can discuss your coaching questions, plans and possibilities. Start today…you could be closer to your goals than you had ever imagined.

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