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Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to receive thousands of notes, letters, and emails from appreciative associates, customers, and attendees thanking me for making a difference and helping them see another way to approach the challenge they faced and introducing change into their thinking, their attitude, and their behavior.

Since April 25, 2006, we have sold nearly 7,200 copies of my books, “How to be First, Daring, and Different. and Be the Leader of the Pack” The comments continue to come in from satisfied readers have humbled me.


  • “I plan on keeping your book on my desk for ready reference when I need to remind myself of what is truly valuable and what is not. ”
    Roy Flores, Chancellor Pima Community College
  • I have seen some good motivational speakers (well known and not so well known) over the years, and would say yours is on the top of my list.
    Tim Cullen, Accounting Manager
  • I read your book, highlighted it, and I’m reading it again. I read a lot of books that fall into the self-help/motivational category and yours without questions ranks right up there with the very best.
    Dale Francis  President, COO Minneapolis, MN
  • John, you are chicken soup for the soul; your thoughts were provocative and meaningful
    Avid reader
  • John truly makes you feel he cares and wants to make a difference. His style is unique, direct and very powerful. He challenges you in a seminar session to be prepared to talk and share your ideas and contributions to the group. Bart Mahan  CEO Buggies Unlimited Lexington, KY
  • This is a book that needs to be read and re-read. So many different concepts and innovative ideas spring for the from John’s insights.
    John Egan, Attorney Chicago, IL
  • Crnokrak has covered many of the principles I’m aware of that mean being an effective leader that I have learned and practiced in my 38 years of management at 3M. Nothing is more important than involving your people, listening and understanding. There can be no substitute for truth, honesty, and integrity in these relationships.
    Tom Niccum, Divisional Vice President Minneapolis, MN
  • John’s success principles parallel Dale Carnegie’s in many ways, so all the millions of readers who have enjoyed “How to Win Friends and Influence People” will truly love and appreciate John Crnokrak.
    John Adams, President, Dale Carnegie and Associates Toledo, OH
  • Your many thought-provoking questions and “Crnoisms” allowed our managers to think a bit differently and focus on what is truly important.
    Margaret Wendt, Vice President and Managing Director H&R Block
  • You don’t know how much you’ve changed my life! You gave me the ability to start and grow my current business by applying your sales principles on a consistent basis to set and reach goals, target customers and earn their business, and repeat those successes within a given market.
  • Wade Carrell, business owner Madison, WI
  • Your provocative questions as an executive coach have challenged me personally to look within more; I’m impressed with the results I have gathered from your  coaching. Jay Myers CEO, WI
  • Your energy and ability to read your audience is amazing. I have been to many seminars, but never have experienced such passion and commitment to connect with the audience. Also, in the process get everyone involved in the session. Bravo to you! Chuck Wood Athletic Director
  • Your statement and various examples about “lack of accountability” got me to realize, it could certainly pave the way to mediocrity with some of those managers I lead.  Thank you, Bill Ward Vice-Chancellor Facilities, Pima Community College
  • You books and coaching have helped me immensely to realize, there were times I did not “step up” to various situations soon enough. You challenged me to evaluate even deeper before I started to react. Mary Beth Ginter Dean of Business Pima Community College
  • Your books and your executive coaching are impressive. We were amazed with the transferability of your experience to the community college setting. Your ability to be evocative with some very smart and very independent administrators is a remarkable gift Sylvia Lee President Northwest Campus Pima Community College
  • The more I worked with you, the more I realized there was more to learn! I learned a great deal initially from your first book: How To  Be First Daring & Different. In fact, I told you I had never had any conscious or formal training in my first 20 years with the college. Your experiences in coaching our cabinet team improved; especially me as a new Dean when  I began to work with you. I give my strongest endorsement to you any time. Mary K. Gilliland..Dean of STEM Pima Community College



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